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We are so glad that you have found this unique offering.

What an honor it is to share this clearing service with you

—for our world and for all our ancestors.

Katrina looks forward to sharing her passion for this loving and deeply 

spiritual clearing service…through the magic of cyberspace!

A Loving Service

Spiritual service online with Katrina

Katrina’s Mission

I am a Forest Mystic whose courageous LoveLight inspires and supports individual and collective social-spiritual transformation.

Spiritual service online with Katrina

What is Sentient Clearing™?

Sentient Clearing™ is a blending of ancient spiritual practices and energy medicine to enhance our experience of well-being.

Spiritual service online with Katrina

Private Sessions

We are so excited to offer you private appointments for this service.

GIFT sessions are on most Wednesdays, while Paid sessions are inexpensive and cover more days and times.

"True Forgiveness means to ‘let go’ or ‘offer up’. This work is not about reliving the old hurts. It is about accessing the higher power of our understanding with humility and gratitude.."  — John Newton

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