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About Sentient Clearing™

Welcome to Sentient Clearing™

We are at an amazing turning point in our collective journey of healing from our past. — Katrina Wynne

Katrina has had the wonderful opportunity to attend and participate in many powerful trainings on Health Beyond Belief with John Newton, for which she received a Certificate of Completion.

As part of her dedication to this deep spiritual work that helps us clear old traumas and difficulties from our cellular memories, she has made a commitment to herself and the Divine to offer this service for free (although open to donations or trades) on Wednesdays to anyone who wishes to experience this clearing technique online.

Katrina has personally experienced and witnessed over 100 sessions where the level of discomfort held in the body associated with challenging memories or sensations has been significantly reduced or dissolved completely in a matter of minutes using this deeply spiritual process of  release. What is truly profound about this work is that it also clears these old vibrations from all areas of our current, past, and ancestral  memories so we are freed of old beliefs that have held us back.

Sentience is the capacity of our bodies to feel, perceive or experience subjectively, which in this service appears as body intelligence highlighting specific issues. 

There is so much more to this spiritual service than can be explained in this short introduction...it is something best experienced!

Private Sessions

If this type of support interests you, Katrina would love to offer this service to you! 

You can choose either FREE or Paid online sessions, which often take less than the allotted time to experience some level of clearing.

Appointments are held over Skype, Zoom, by telephone, or sometimes in-person, when available.


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